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Hosting literary evening around loss, death and love, with Fikry El Azzouzi, Michel Faber, Corinne Heyrman, Maria Barnas en Jeroen Olyslaegers . Live percussion by Aya Suzuki. Entire show available on BdBTV.


Bijloke muziekcentrum
April 1st 2023​




Interview with writer Adania Shibli, author of the novel Minor Detail (Fitzcarraldo) / Een Klein Detail (Koppernik) for Passa Porta Festival 2023


MAD House of Creators
March 25 2023​


in ENG

adania and i.jpg

Panels on artistic freedom and freedom & polical philosophy with writer Burhan Sönmez, linguist Sibo Kanonbana, philosopher Tinneke Beeckman & criminologist Christophe Busch


March 17 2023​



Book Launch 'Politiek zonder Partijen' -  Simone Weil translated and contextualized by Alicja Gescinska

With: Alicja Gescinska, philosopher Joke Hermsen & mayor Mathias De Clercq


14 March '23​



Panel talk on music and gender, with author Gaea Schoeters, violinist Ann Cnop, soprano Elise Caluwaerts & musicologist Lieselotte Bijnens.

Organisation of Lunalia & city of Mechelen

Foyer 't Arsenaal


March 8 2023

Gigs winter 2023
  • CEMPER- dance as intangibale heritage and museums -  Mechelen, Jan 31st 2023

  • Davidsfonds Inspiratiedag - panel with Martha Claeys, Hans Bourlon & Emmanuel Gerard -- Mechelen Feb 11 2023

  • Dig It Up, Mediawijs - panel with Olga Van Oost, Sophie Heijkoop, Kris Rutten & Dorine De Vos -  Antwerpen, Feb 14 2023

  • 15 jaar - Brussels, March 9 2023

15j testament 2.jpeg

City Talk: New Belgium, New Brussels

With: Laura Nsengiyumva & Tom Naegels


Bozar Talks & Debates
25 Jan.'23​


Miscellaneous winter 2022
  • Hosting conference LGBTQI+ & immigration (EU project), Mechelen, nov 2022

  • Re opening CC Belgica, Dendermonde, dec 2022

  • Cities, Migration & Human Rights / Stad Mechelen & Filmhuis, Mechelen, dec 2022


Panel host 'Opinievorming onder de loep' with Kelia Kaniki Masengo, Marijke Verdoodt (GO! onderwijs), Karl van den Broeck (Apache & Bozar) & Wies de Graeve (Amnesty International Belgium)

November 17, 2022

Mechelen, Lamot

In Dutch


Panel host talk 'The Philosopher Queens' with Rebecca Buxton and Lisa Whiting 

November 12, 2022

Ghent, viernulvier



Panel host 'Machiavelli & Arendt' with Tinneke Beeckman & Veronica Vasterling

Panel host 'The Blue New Deal' with Chris Armstrong

October 30, 2022

Amsterdam, Bellevue & Melkweg



Day host & panel host Cultuurzaken voor Cultuurloket

October 22, 2022

Brussel, La Vallée

In Dutch

1666938991492 (1)_edited.jpg

Panel with Meron Knikman (Vrouwenraad)  &  professor Els De Vos (UA)  on the feminist & inclusive city, for Hannah Arendt Institute.

October 15, 2022


In Dutch


Presenter & panel host book launch Kevin Absillis, for UA, Davidsfonds uitgeverij & Standaard Uitgeverij

Panel with professor Olivia Rutazibwa, Martha Claeys, Maarten Van Ginderachter & Walter Weyns.  

October 6, 2022


In Dutch


Presenter & Panel Host Inspiratiedag Inclusie voor Federale Gerechtelijke Politie 

Panelgesprekken met Patrice De Mets, Ine Van Wymersch, Christophe Busch, Dewi Vandevyver, Lode Uytterschaut, Peter Couseement, Veerlde De Wolf, Sven Mastbooms, Ergys Brocaj e.a.  

September 22nd, 2022


In Dutch


Presenter & Panel Host UITGESPROKEN Theater aan Zee 2022

'Zelfzorg' and 'Pyschisch Welzijn' with Marian Donner, Barbara Raes, Suzanne Grotenhuis, Tom Struyf, Michael Bloosen, and others 

August 2 & 3 2022


In Dutch


Panel host
panel discussion on 'Yaya Na Leki' with Moussa Don Padzou and Lieven Miguel Kandolo, with Avanza Mechelen and bibliotheek Predikeren
Thoughts on decolonializing, Black Lives Matter and brotherhood.

May 12 2022

in Dutch


Panel host
panel discussion 'Silence and activism'

as part of the festival Touching Silence
with Fleur Pierets, Rachida Lamrabet and Anthony van Bosschem 


April 19 2022

in Dutch


Host exclusive online edition of Imperial Days


February 27th, 2022

In Dutch, ENG subtitles


General host & panel host

panel discussions on sustainability, impact & thriving events

for Visit Flanders
with a.o. ​Geert Bruynseels (EventFlanders), Geneviève Leclerc (Meet4Impact) and Peter Decuypere (Toerisme Vlaanderen)  

March 25 2022

in Dutch


Panel host

table talk

'A path/diversion to a women-friendly city'

for Hannah Arendt Institute

with Apolline Vranken (L’ architecture qui dégenre) and Wouter Stes (Plan International) 

March 22 2022

in Dutch


Panel host

author's talks with Aya Sabi, Niña Weijers, Mohammed Benzakour, Heleen Debruyne, Maarten Inghels & Mira Feticu

for Memento Woordfestival Kortrijk

March 19 2022

in Dutch


Panel host

panel discussion

'Which stories make us strong?'

for Willemsfonds

with Minister Sven Gatz, Marius Meremans (Flemish Member of Parliament) and Hanne Geukens (director De Federatie)

March 12 2022

in Dutch


Panel host

panel discussion

'Building feminist cities - an intersectional approach to mobility'

for Europalia, deBuren, Rhea (VUB) & KVS

with Leslie Kern (Canadian geographer), Apolline Vranken (architect), Eva Kail (urban planner) and René Boer (Failed Architecture platform) 

March 10 2022

in English


Panel host

sofa talks

for the City of Mechelen

with Fanny Matheusen, Anja Moortgat, Suzanne Demesmaeker, Anita Nyame, Maxine Willemsen, Romy Schlimbach, Tamara Lenaerts and Leen Binnemans

March 06 2022

in Dutch


Panel host
panel discussion 'Human rights and philosophical dialogue'
for Busleyden Atheneum Pitzemburg

with Khalid Benhaddou, Jelle Creemers and Anton Van Dyck 

January 28 2022

in Dutch

Pitzemburg 2022.jpg

Panel host
panel discussion 'Gender in top management'

for the Diversity Policy Department and Agency for Government Personnel of the Flemish Government

with Barbara Van den Haute, Julie Bynen and James Van Casteren

December 16 2021

in Dutch

gender en topkader dec 21.jpg

Presentation Meet in Flanders Academy #8

‘Future and organisation of events and congresses in 2022' online debate for Visit Flanders

with Leen Laconte (Overleg Kunstenorganisaties), Marc Van Ranst (KUL), Bert Blocken (KUL & TU Eindhoven), Niel Hens (UA) and Hugo Slimbrouck (Event Confederation) 

December 10 2021

in Dutch

Meet in Flanders Academy_2021_2.jpg

Panel host MuseumTalks

  • 'Painful past, fraught legacy' with Professor Aspha Bijnaar for AfricaMuseum and FARO

  • 'Genetics, race and racism' with Professor Amade M'charek for AfricaMuseum

In the context of the exhibition 'HUMAN ZOO - The age of colonial exhibitions' 

November 24 2021 & January 26 2022

in Dutch


Panel host

panel discussion on the future of Erfgoedlabo Leuven

at Tweebronnen library, Leuven

October 28 2021

in Dutch

erfgoedlabo leuven oktober 2021.jpg

Presentation and guidance workshops

participation moment
for Mechelen City of Culture

October 16 2021

in Dutch

Book launches

Ontmoeting met Lize Spit -  Bibliotheek Wichelen

August 20 2022

in Dutch

'Liefdesverklaring aan de Nederlandse Taal' - Mira Feticu for Cultuurlab, Forum Vlaamse Vrouwen and Mol librabry

October 6 2021

in Dutch



  • 'Mazzel Tov' - Margot Vanderstraeten (2018)
    Kazerne Dossin Mechelen

  • ​'Wij & Ik' - Saskia De Coster (2013)
    De Zondvloed Mechelen

mira Feticu_2021_edited.jpg

General presentation and panel host

panel discussions WASCABI 2021

for De Federatie

at Ancienne Belgique, Brussels

September 3 2021

in Dutch

Wascabi 2021-Web Low-25.jpg

Panel host

  • 'Diversity' with Jamilla Channouf and Rashif El Kaoui

  • 'Poverty' with Jos Geysels, Wim Van Lancker and Assita Kanko

  • 'Power and impotence of science' with Dirk Draulans and Patrick Loobuyck

July 26-27-29 2021

in Dutch


Panel host

table talk 'Tackling racism'

for Hannah Arendt Institute

with Lieven Miguel Kandolo (Hand in Hand Tegen Racisme) and Ilke Adam (VUB)

June 29 2021

in Dutch

Racisme aanpakken.png

Panel host

table talk 'Police in a super-diverse society'

for Hannah Arendt Institute

with Dominique Van Ryckeghem (Federal Police) and Sofie De Kimpe (VUB)

June 15 2021

in Dutch

Politie in superdiverse samenleving.png

Presentation and panel host

book launch 'The life of the mind'

for Hannah Arendt Institute

with Dirk De Schutter and Remi Peeters

June 9 2021

in Dutch

Hannah Arendt_ leven van de geest_2021.png

Panel host

following screening of documentary ‘Mother’ 

for Alumniwerking UGent

with Kristof Bilsen (filmmaker ‘Mother’), Gudrun Callewaert (care giver and founder of Het Ventiel vzw), Anne Sieben (neurologist UZ Gent) and Arne De Jaegere (theatre director and VRT journalist)

May 31 2021

in Dutch


Panel host Speakers Corner

for vzw Klein Verhaal

with Joke Quintens (Moving Marseille), Eric Corijn (VUB), Matthias De Groof (UAntwerpen) and Lukas Pairon (SIMM & Music Fund)

May 13 & 27 2021

in Dutch



General presentation and

six panels and workshops

for Toerisme Vlaanderen

in the framework of Reizen naar Morgen

April 19- 23 2021

in Dutch



Avant-première 'Au Suivant' & 'Moteur Synchrone'

for Danspunt, Passerelle and FABULEUS

April 17 2021

in Dutch

Schermafbeelding 2021-04-19 om 11.51.29.

Book launch and panel discussion

'Last train to London' - Meg Waite Clayton & Henri Roanne

i.c.w. Harper Collins Publishers, Agora uitgeverij and Kazerne Dossin


January 20 2020

in English


Panel host

panel discussion

'Why women have better sex under socialism' 

i.c.w. Rosa vzw

at Vooruit, Ghent

November 30 2019

in Dutch



congress EFFORTS 2019 on fortified heritage 

at Felix Archief, Antwerp

November 28 & 29 2019

in English


Interview and panel

with directors & writers​

for Kazerne Dossin

at UGC Cinema Antwerp 

January 2019

in English

Cuba's forgotten jewels.png

Presentation for Minister Alexander De Croo and panel host panel discussion
on the future of work and 21st Century Skills

for Codefever

with Koen Deleus, Servaas Bingé, Rolans Texeira, Kenneth Van Daele, Inge De Clerck and Frederik De Swaef


June 2018

in Dutch


Presentation and debate

International Conference

'Measuring the Effectiveness of Children’s Right'

for The National Commission on the Rights of the Child


February 2018

in English


Panel host


on humanitarian and development aid

for Foreign Affairs Department

May 2017

in Dutch 

Schermafbeelding 2022-02-04 om 17.24.22.png

Presentation and panel host

Salon for Tourism

on carrying capacity and hospitality

for Kunststeden Vlaanderen

December 2015, Leuven

November 2016, Bruges

in Dutch 

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